Words of Support

The Lab has received a great deal of support and encouragement from key thinkers and practitioners in the next economy ecosystem including the following:

We are at an extraordinary moment in history when the logic of dead ends is forcing the exploration of a vast array of political-economic alternatives that, taken together, could form the building blocks of the next system. Understanding the huge range and diversity of alternative approaches and initiatives would be a major step forward, and Real Economy Lab is trying to help us all accomplish that.

-Professor Gar Alperovitz

Democracy Collaborative

“Thanks for doing this work…I think it’s a big challenge for lots of reasons, but worth the effort because this is getting at systemic change rather than treating symptoms or incremental change, which isn’t nearly adequate to the challenges.”

-Neal Gorenflo


“Thank you for the astonishingly beautiful and elegant work you’ve done for the New Economy movement with the Real Economy Lab. I just spent a little while exploring the network map. It’s incredible to see it come together, and to consider its potential for collective action and impact.”

There is no one ‘next system’ but many possible alternatives building on the efforts of a growing number of leading thinkers and activists. Jules Peck and Real Economy Lab are performing invaluable work in mapping this epistemic community and identifying points of convergence and honest disagreement. This initiative could make a significant contribution to building shared understanding that helps move ideas into action.

-Professor Gus Speth

The Next System Project

“As the Transition Towns movement continues to grow it is vital that we are able to connect with like minded initiatives and that we all move towards a convergence of effort and movement building to create the next economy. We see the Lab’s work as crucial for this convergence and your mind-mapping of the emerging ecosystem as a key resource for us all.”

-Rob Hopkins

Transition Towns

The Real Economy Lab is a crucial player in the search to map and connect the activities that are driving us towards true sustainability.

-Donnie Maclurcan

Post Growth Institute