Transformative Economies Lab

Transformative Economies Lab

Have you ever wanted to to see a live dynamic and evolving visualization of the emerging new economy – of the organizations and movements in this new economy and how they work, why they do what they are doing, who their networks are? Now you can.

Transformative Economies Lab is a collaborative investigation as part of the World Social Forum of Transformative Economies (WSFTE) exploring, mapping, and articulating a practical, sustainable, equitable economy as it unfolds around the globe. The aim of the lab is to use the existing platform (Real Economy Lab) which provides a comprehensive picture of the projects, ideas, movements and networks offering viable alternatives to the mainstream market-based economic system, and to present this as a compelling case for wider coordination and support by all stakeholders. We invite you to take part !

An increasing array of practitioners, researchers and changemakers are working towards a new economic system, transforming the current paradigm based on growth and wealth accumulation. How can the movements and organisations carrying out these efforts and taking part in the World Social Forum of Transformative Economies (WSFTE) be mapped? What are their connections? How might they better recognize and achieve common goals? The first step involves turning to prominent groups in the field and asking: “what matters to your work, what are your ambitions, and how are you trying to accomplish your aims?”

The following questions invite you to plot the work of your organisation or group against a series of lenses. The responses and indeed the lenses are not set in stone, but will provide a basis to start building towards a better understanding of how the different players in the broad field relate and interact.

Resulting data will be used to create infographic and graph-based visualizations for distribution under Creative Commons license. Names of individual respondents are not included in published materials, and data will not be presented as an official position of the organisation in question and will be treated according to the current privacy laws. Responses may be adapted and integrated with parallel research for consistency during analysis. 

We welcome and encourage your thinking around the questions, definitions, and the surveying process more generally. The Transformative Economies Lab is the result of a collaboration between Real Economy Lab, RIPESS Europe, MES Occitanie and Open Atlas (Communecter) emerging in the WSFTE Mapping commission. It is based on the Real Economy Lab, a project initiated by Jules Peck, with support from Fondation Charles Leopold Mayer, New Economics Foundation, Transition Network, and Metamaps.

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