Survey Data Submission

The survey form embedded below will allow you to submit information about an initiative or organisation you’re involved with to our growing map of influential Actors in the global ‘next economy’ ecosystem.


At this present stage of our work, we’re striving to map a representative cross-section of the global movement for sound economic alternatives. If you’re curious what this looks like, you can view a map of submissions and a model of the survey taxonomy. See any gaps or missing pieces? Your thoughtful input is greatly appreciated!
In order to place some meaningful bounds on the number and type of candidate groups to be included in our mapping and analysis at this time, the following guidelines are set out as prerequisite:

  • candidate has an explicit purpose or mission statement which supports or implies systemic change
  • candidate work area and focus pertains directly to some kind of generally acknowledged economic subject matter
  • candidate is strongly aligned with one or more of the following broad ultimate outcomes:
    • Environmental sustainability and regeneration
    • Increased equality and economic opportunity
    • Increased health and well-being
    • Enhanced democratic participation
    • Culture of cooperative relations
  • candidate is currently favorably impacting multiple demographics or locales in an observable manner
  • candidate has an accessible online profile or homepage and distinctive identity


Also before creating a new entry, please check first to see that it is not already included! If you have any questions, you can get in touch via the contact form on this site or by email directly: team [at]

Thank You!

We value your submission, and if it meets our basic criteria it will be added to the publicly available, ODbL-licensed Real Economy Lab data set.