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The Real Economy Lab provides an interactive platform where the cumulative knowledge, aims, and resources of the new economy movement can be drawn together in order to seek common ground and drive coordinated action


explore the links between people, organizations, issues, ideas and their surrounding contexts


orient and mobilize towards common values, objectives, and mutual understanding


create the conditions for collective awareness and collaborative action

Methods for Making Sense

Using a comprehensive survey, qualitative research and a participative modeling process, we locate actors within a basic narrative framework to reveal patterns and possibilities

Common Themes within the New Economy Movement

Through mapping various issues, topics, intentions and activities within the ecosystem, we identify unifying themes or principles observed at the intersection of leading models for economic change.

Within this interactive metamap, you may double click on any topic to view more information, or right click on a topic to explore a theme’s relations and see more connections.

Tribes of the New Economy

We start to see this transformational ecosystem made up of many ‘tribes’, each with their own traits,characteristics, areas of interest and activity. Some of the early groupings that are emerging include:


supporting and sustaining many forms of shared resource pools, from digital to physical and local to global


enabling and advancing self-organized, distributed collaboration amongst autonomous individuals and groups


institutions and actors in the realm of public services, oversight, and policy or regulatory frameworks


public benefit, mission-driven, and civil society organizations supporting well-being, culture, and community


business and social ventures pursuing impact and return on investment through creative commerce


groups founded in shared identity and co-ownership or co-responsibility for mutual assets and aims


initiatives for local self-reliance, appropriate culture, and community resilience, drawing on the common bonds of place


scholarly programs, intellectual discourse, and learning communities dedicated to the propagation of knowledge


advocates and adventurers undertaking fundamental shifts in lifestyle and culture by conviction or necessity

Organisational Archetypes

Viewing organisations as programmatic actors within an ecosystem, we can identify characteristic roles and behaviors, labeled as Archetypes.

Organisations may embody one or more of these archetypes in relation to how they contribute and complement others in the unfolding story of the whole.

Network Overview

Data from the Lab survey process of around 100 influential next economy organisations and initiatives are published in a large Ecosystem Map enabling detailed visual exploration of these and other clusters, patterns, and relationships. Click on the image at left to access the map.

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    Who are we?

    The Real Economy Lab team is comprised of individuals passionate about the new economy from a variety of backgrounds and affiliations. The Lab is convened by


    Jules Peck


    and contributed to by:


    Alice Martin, Benjamin Brownell, Ishan Shapiro, Tony Greenham, Peter Lipman and Nicolas Krausz.


    The Lab is supported by and affiliated with the following organizations: