The Real Economy Lab and how it operates

How the Lab operates.

The Lab will deliver on these objectives through a continuum of activities that build towards creating a global movement for change:


  1. Mindmapping: Identifying and categorising the plethora of new initiatives on the future of economics and capitalism. Clarify where the Lab’s inquiry fits in the landscape. Demonstrating what is possible and already happening and how these can be scaled. Highlighting gaps in our collective understanding of the challenges and of potential opportunities to overcome them.
  2. Converging and Synthesising: Deriving core guiding principles, clarifying where they converge and diverge. Providing a clearer vision and narrative both of the challenges we face and the limitations of our current economics.
  3. Connecting and Communicating: Awareness-raising to help a diverse community engage with each other and with the need for, and possibility of, a new economics. Connecting these communities through workshops, webinars and meetings. Communicating externally about the project as well as within the movement identified in the mapping.
  4. Collaborating: Developing and catalysing others to develop research, think-pieces and online communication to help inform and stimulate debate.

Building Consensus and Coalition: Collectively developing consensus around a common vision, narrative and emerging road-map to an economics for a better future, campaigning for such change and gaining support from the public, the business community and political leadership. Delivering a cohesive progressive movement’s strategy to create change in line with the Lab’s vision.

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